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Misted Glass Double Glazing Repairs Norwich

Do you have misty or foggy double glazed units?


Misty Glass or fogging with Double Glazed units occurs with condensation. There are various reasons why this may occur, but the usual cause is the length of time they have been in place.


Over time the desiccant, which is a small grainy like substance that is used within your double glazed units spacer bar to absorb any water vapour that manages to get past your units edge sealant, becomes saturated.  As it is unable to absorb any more water vapour, this leads to a build-up of condensation between the two panes as the moisture cannot escape.


The Solution For Your Problem.

Double Glazing Repairs.


It is not always necessary to have a completely new window when the frame of the window is still in good condition. Misted Double Glazing can be replaced fitting into the existing window or door.  A replacement will be a considerably cheaper alternative to having a new window or door.


All our double glazed sealed units carry a ten-year guarantee.

If you have approximate sizes of the units in need of replacing, we can give you an idea of price over the phone.


 We can then visit your property to take exact measurements should you decide to proceed. No job is too big or small, even if you should need one unit replacing.

Please give us a call on 01603471027 if you are interested in having a NO OBLIGATION quote or would like any advice on your windows.

Alternatively, see our contact page here.

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